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23. 01. 2015

first photos of living Ommatopseudes from Sumatra:

   Ommatopseudes sp. "Tujuh"    (Gunung Tujuh, Kerinci Seblat NP, Sumatra, 2000 masl)

   thanks to Jeremy Hold (Vietnam)

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First record of an ootheca-laying stick insect published

An ootheca-laying phasmid of the subfamily Korinninae has been discovered by Joachim Bresseel and Jerome Constant in July 2013 in Vietnam. This is the first record of a stick insect that produces a complex egg case (ootheca), similar to praying mantids (Mantodea) and tortoise beetles (Coleoptera: Cassidinae). The ootheca is described in detail and the egg-laying strategy is compared to other Phasmatodeans. Unfortunately the hatching nymphs did not accept any of the offered food plants, hence captive breeding has failed.
Based on phylogenetic analysis and mitochondrial genes the enigmatic subfamily Korinninae is shown to be a subordinate taxon of the species-rich subfamily Necrosciinae.

Goldberg, J., Bresseel, J., Constant J., Kneubühler, B., Leubner, F., Michalik, p. & Bradler, S. (2015): Extreme convergence in egg-laying strategy across insect orders. Scientific Reports, 5 (7825): 1-7.

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A new genus and species described from the Dominican Republic, Hispaniola

The new genus and species Tainophasma monticola Conle, Hennemann & Perez-Gelabert, 2014 have been described from a highly montane habitat in the La Vega and Santiago Provinces of the Dominican Republic, Hispaniola. This new genus is remarkable for its very small size (body length: males 24.5 mm, females 33.0 mm), compact body, short legs and proportionally very large head. Tainophasma belongs in the tribe Hesperophasmatini. The type-specimens are stored in the United States National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., USA (USNM) and the University of Montana, Entomological Collection, Bozeman, Montana, USA (MTEC).

Conle, O. V., Hennemann, F. H. & Perez-Gelabert, D. E. (2014): Studies on neotropical Phasmatodea XV: A remarkable new stick insect from highly montane habitats of Hispaniola (Pseudophasmatidae: Xerosomatinae: Hesperophasmatini). Novitates Caribaea, 7: 28-36.

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