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17. 10. 2014

a new care sheet with many photos is online:

     ·   Phyllium celebicum "Sulawesi"   (from Bugadidi, Sulawesi, Indonesia)

see → Miscellaneous (Allgemeines) → phasmid breeding Bruno Kneubühler → care sheet section

Phyll_celeb_Bugadidi_fem31   Phyll_celeb_Bugadidi_mal52


General New tiny leaf insect described from New Guinea

A new tiny leaf insect from New Guinea has just been described by Thomas Van De Kamp and Frank Hennemann in the journal "Zootaxa".
Phyllium (Phyllium) riedeli n. sp. is similar to Phyllium (Ph.) caudatum Redtenbacher, 1906 and some other New Guinean species, but is much smaller than all of these species. It is the smallest so far known leaf insect of the genus Phyllium with females having a body length of only 56.3 mm.

Van de Kamp, T. & Hennemann, F.H. (2014): A tiny new species of leaf insect (Phasmatodea, Phylliidae) from new Guinea. Zootaxa 3869(4): 397-408.

Online Phasmid Culture List

the Online Phasmid Culture List a very valuable tool for all phasmid breeders !
many thanks to Paul van Ulft for his endeavour to make this valuable list available

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