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01.07. 2016

three new care sheets with many photos are online:

     ·   Lopaphus sp. "Ba Vi"    (from Ba Vi NP, Vietnam)
     ·   Micadina sp. 1 "Ba Vi"    (from Ba Vi NP, Vietnam)
     ·   Medaurini sp. 2 "Ba Vi"    (from Ba Vi NP, Vietnam)

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eggs will be available soon → eggs of different phasmid species

Lopaphus sp. "Ba Vi" (adult female, 1st row left)
Micadina sp. 1 "Ba Vi" (adult male, 1st row right)
Medaurini sp. 2 "Ba Vi" (adult female, 2nd row)



New monograph published:
Revision of the tribe Haplopodini with the descriptions of a new tribe, four new genera and nine new species

A revision of the Caribbean tribe Haplopodini Günther, 1953 (formerly incorporated in Hesperophasmatini) has just been published. The new tribe Pterinoxylini n. trib. is established to separate the genus Pterinoxylus Audinet-Serville, 1838 from Haplopodini and Hesperophasmatini. Four new genera of Haplopodini are described:

     ·   Apteroplopus n. gen.: This monotypical genus contains only the wingless Apteroplopus grossetuberculatus (Brunner v. Wattenwyl, 1907) from Honduras.
     ·   Cephaloplopus n. gen.: This new genus contains four newly described species: Cephaloplopus alope n. sp. from Cuba, Cephaloplopus euchlorus n. sp. from Hispaniola, Cephaloplopus laetus n. sp. from Hispaniola and Cephaloplopus pulchellus n. sp. from Hispaniola.
     ·   Parhaplopus n. gen.: This genus contains three species, one of which is newly described. These are Parhaplopus cubensis (Saussure, 1868) n. comb. from Cuba, Parhaplopus evadne (Westwood, 1859) n. comb. from Hispaniola and Parhaplopus navarroi n. sp. from Hispaniola.
     ·   Venupherodes n. gen.: This monotypical genus contains only the Cuban Venupherodes venustula (Audinet-Serville, 1838) n. comb..

The genera Aploploides Rehn & Hebard, 1938 from Cuba, Diapherodes Gray, 1835, Haplopus Burmeister, 1838 and the Jamaican Paracranidium Brock, 1998 are transferred to the tribe Haplopodini.
The new subspecies Diapherodes gigantea saintluciae n. ssp. from Saint Lucia is described in Diapherodes. Four new species are described in Haplopus: Haplopus brachypterus n. sp. from Hispaniola, Haplopus intermedius n. sp. from Hispaniola, Haplopus sobrinus n. sp. from Cuba and Haplopus woodruffi n. sp. from the Cayman Islands.
All 28 known species of the tribe Haplopodini are described in detail and illustrated.

Hennemann, F. H., Conle, O. C. & Perez-Gelabert, D. (2016): Studies on Neotropical Phasmatodea XVI: Revision of the tribe Haplopodini Günther, 1953 (rev. stat.), with notes on the subfamily Cladomorphinae Bradley & Galil, 1977 and the descriptions of a new tribe, four new genera and nine new species (Phasmatodea: "Anareolatae": Phasmatidae: Cladomorphinae). Zootaxa 4128(1): 1-211.


A new species of Oncotophasma described from Costa Rica

A new species of the genus Oncotophasma Rehn, 1904 (Diapheromerinae: Diapheromerini) has just been described from the male, female and egg. Oncotophasma laetitiae n. sp. is so far only known from the type-locality, the Research Station "Refugio de Vida Silvestre Cerro Dantas", in the Heredia Province of Costa Rica at an altitude of about 2000 metres. It is well characterized by having slender metafemora and lacking the typical swelling of the metanotum in males. Females resemble O. podagricum (Stål, 1875) but differ by the relatively shorter median segment. The type specimens are deposited in the Museum national d´Histoire naturelle, Paris (MNHN).

Bellanger, Y. (2016): A new stick insect of the genus Oncotophasma from Costa Rica (Phasmatodea, Diapheromeridae, Diapheromerinae). Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France, 121(2): 141-148.

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