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Almost 200 new pictures of various Haaniella-species in the photo-gallery:

Haaniella dehaanii - Haaniella echinata - Haaniella erringtoniae - Haaniella gintingi - Haaniella gorochovi - Haaniella grayii - Haaniella kerincia - Haaniella macroptera - Haaniella parva - Haaniella rosenbergii - Haaniella saussurei - Haaniella scabra

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Also several very interesting pictures of live gynandromorph specimens of Heteropteryx dilatata:

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Thanks to: Francis Seow-Choen, Jeremy Holden and Jerome Constant


NEW PUBLICATION: Revision of the subfamily Heteropteryginae with 5 new species of Haaniella

A revision of the subfamily Heteropteryginae, which includes the two well-known genera Haaniella and Heteropteryx has just been published in the journal "Zootaxa". It is a collaborative publication of Frank Hennemann, Oskar Conle, Paul D. Brock and Francis Seow-Choen. In addition to a re-arrangement of the entire family Heteropterygidae, the two mentioned genera are taxonomically revised at the species-level. As many as five new species of Haaniella Kirby, 1904 are described, which can be regarded as fairly spectacular for such a well-studied genus.

     ·   Haaniella aculeata n. sp. , a very spiny and semi-winged species is described from a single male from Western Sumatra.
     ·   Haaniella gintingi n. sp. from Central Sumatra is described from the male, female and egg. This species is in culture and was formerly known as Haaniella sp. "Sibayak".
     ·   Haaniella gorochovi n. sp. is the only representative of the genus from Vietnam and described from the male, female and egg. Culturing is currently being attempted.
     ·   Haaniella kerincia n. sp. , a small and very spiny species from Kerinci-Seblat National Park in Central Sumatra is described from the male, female and egg.
     ·   Haaniella macroptera n. sp. , a large species with fully winged males from Singapore and Southern Peninsular Malaysia is described from the male, female and egg. Culturing is currently being attempted.

PSG 112 is shown to be Haaniella erringtoniae (Redtenbacher, 1906). The previously unknown females of the tiny Haaniella parva Günther, 1944 are descriobed for the first time and there are several further changes in taxonomy and the synonymies of various species. The genus Haaniella now contains 16 valid species.
Heteropteryx only contains the well known "Jungle Nymph" Heteropteryx dilatata (Parkinson, 1798).
The revision provides 497 colour illustrations. A PDF-file can be obtained from the authors.

Hennemann, F.H., Conle, O.V., Brock, P.D. & Seow-Choen, F. (2016): Revision of the Oriental subfamily Heteropteryginae Kirby, 1896, with a re-arrangement of the family Heteropterygidae and the descriptions of five new species of Haaniella Kirby, 1904. (Phasmatodea: Areolatae: Heteropterygidae). Zootaxa 4159(1): 1-219.

29.08. 2016

a new care sheet with many photos is online:

     ·   Calvisia leopoldi "Pankung Jae"    (Pankung Jae, western Bali)

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▷ few eggs will be available later on → eggs of different phasmid species

left Calvisia leopoldi "Pankung Jae" (adult male)
right Calvisia leopoldi "Pankung Jae" (adult female)


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