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General A new species of Orthomeria described from the Philippines

A new black-and-red species of the genus Orthomeria (Orthomeria) Kirby, 1904 (Aschiphasmatidae) has been described by Davide Vallotto, Joachim Bresseel, Thierry Heitzmann and Marco Gottardo in the journal "ZooKeys". Orthomeria (Orthomeria) kangi n. sp. is distinguished from all other species in the genus by the distinctive blood red colouration of the costal region of the hind wings. This new species lives at 400-600 m elevation in the surroundings of the Sablang and Tuba regions, in the Benguet Province of Luzon Island. Host plants include Ficus spp (Moraceae), Pipturus spp. and Leucosyke spp. (Urticaceae). The authors also provide an identification key to the species of the subgenus Orthomeria.

Vallotto, D., Bresseel, J., Heitzmann, T. & Gottardo, M. (2016): A black-and-red stick insect from the Philippines - observations on the external anatomy and natural history of a new species of Orthomeria. ZooKeys, 599: 35-57.