Ramulus braggi

HENNEMANN, 2002: 69.


HENNEMANN, F.H. (2002): Notes on the Phasmatodea of Sri Lanka (Orthoptera). Mitteilungen der M├╝nchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft, 92: 37-78.


>> Replacement name for Clitumnus humberti CARL, 1913: 13.


Holotype, male [Museum d'Histoire Naturelle Geneve / MHNG].  Body length 91.0 mm



Named in honour of Dr. Phil E. BRAGG (Nottinghamshire, England) for his great effort in solving the systematic problems concerning Baculum SAUSSURE, 1861, Ramulus SAUSSURE, 1862, Ramulus SAUSSURE, 1869 and helpful discussion on this subject.



HOLOTYPE, male: Ceylon, Schilling, ex coll. Fruhstorfer; Clitumnus humberti Carl [Museum d'Histoire Naturelle Geneve / MHNG]. 


Note: Junior synonym = Ramulus carli ZOMPRO, 2003