Basic rules for collecting in the wild

1. Do not take more specimens from a biotope than required for scientific investigation.

2. Do not collect for profit.

3. Do not harm any other animals or plants.

4. Do not harm other people´s privacy (don’t  collect on private grounds !).

5. Do not go on night collecting without attendants. In regions where collecting of  stick-   insects is productive, usually no medicinal care is available.

6. Wear strong shoes and long trouses as there can be poisonous snakes in the vegetation around you and trample to warn snakes !

7. First take care for your own safety before starting with the search for insects. Have a look at branches over or nearby your head (tree-living snakes, Scorpions etc. !).

8. Carefully inform yourself about necessary inoculations before leaving for your collecting trip. If needed, required inoculations shall be made.