Essential equipment

Mercedes GeländewagenVehicle: This allows you to invent the surroundings and search for suitable collecting sites independently. In some countries a car with off-road abilities is needed which can be rented from an international car-rental or imported seaways. We have made the expierience that large, international car-rentals such as Hertz, Budget, Avis, Europcar, Alamo or Dollar are more relieable and offer quilatatively better cars than do smaller, local car-rentals. We dissuade from the small Suzuki-, Daihatsu- or Hyundai-jeeps, especially if older than ten years. The usage of larger off-road cars such as the Mercedes G-Series, Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol or Landrover are more relieble and much more save, which is an important factor in some countries which posess very high crash-rates.

Collecting equipment: High quality collecting equipment can be obtained from e.g. Bioform or Maier (both Germany). An extendible handle (at least 3 metres) and a butterfly net with a diameter of 30-50 cm; different plastic containers with a volume of 0.5-5 litres; some large plastic bags or similar for stowing larger species; a pair of latex-glows for handling plants which have irritating bark or sap etc…

Others: Stable but light-weight trekking-shoes (Gore-Tex) to prevent yourself from snake bites and other injuries; a light-weight rain-coat; a comfortable, medium sized rucksack with as many flank-bags as possible, a stable trekking-knife with a length of at least 20 cm, a pair of pruning-shears for cutting foodplants for the collected insects, a hand lamp and batteries, a first-aid box, insect repellant, desinfection spray, good maps and a good camera as well as a macro lense or different close-up lenses and a macro flash which is mounted on the camera lense.