Method IV „Tree-Knocking"

This daytime collecting technique is predominantly applied by insect suppliers in SE-Asia for collecting the mostly colourful, well-flying species of the subfamily Necrosciinae:

A butterfly with an extendible handle is used to knock phasmids from the treetops. Due to the disturbance, eventual insects will fly off and exhibit their often brightly coloured wings. When a phasmid is disloged from a tree top, it may, if you´re fortunate, fly somewhere close to the net. Then an upwards or sideways sweep with the net is made in order to catch the insect. As soon as the insect is in the net, the frame should be twisted round, forming a bag with the insect in it. If not twisted round, the insect will most probably fly away on the long way to the ground. However, using a net effectively, will take you some practice, especially if a long handle is used.

As already mentioned above, most of the beautiful, winged species sold by local dealers in Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia are caught using this technique. The numbers of insects collected tend to be variable but this is sometimes a considerably productive method, especially in means of collecting species, which are not found on low growing plants at night (Method No. I).

Recommended equipment:
A strong but lightweight and wide butterfly net with an extendible handle (al least 5 metres), a stick for knocking and plastic boxes / bottles / bags. A high quality butterfly net can be easily purchased from entomological suplliers in Europe or Japan which also offer the suitable, extendible handles. Take care, that the handle is pretty sturdy !