Method V „Extreme"

Another method of collecting phasmids, which is however only practiced by a very few entomologists, is to take advantage of natural disasters. Doing this is however accompanied by numerous dangers.

For example, the moving boarder of a bush- or forest-fire or of recently flooded regions may be searched for phasmids. The insects will try to escape the rapidly approaching danger and usually move ahead of the front of the fire or water-front in large numbers.
A perhaps less dangerous possibility to collect species which are restricted to the canopee region of the forest is, to search the vegetation on recently felled trees. This can be done if the felling of trees is joined.

In general however, these unordinary methods do in our opinion exhibit so much potential of unforseeable danger, that it can not be recommended, especially not for unexpierienced collectors.

Recommended equipment:
Hm, what should one recommend ? – perhaps a fire-resistant overall for the first example, a life-jacked for the second and a helmet for the third example !?

One thing is clear – the urgent need of a relieable guardian angel ;-)