Health, risks & first-aid

Before leaving to a collecting-trip or holiday one should inform about the respective inoculational regulations and risks of health required in the chosen country. In many tropical countries there is an acute danger of e.g. malaria, yellow-fever or hepatitis A/B. Therefore it is adivsable to refresh certain inoculations such as tetanus or diphteria in advance. Especially in South America an inoculation against yellow-fever is inadmireably needed. This can be purchased from most institutes for tropics.

When travelling into regions with reported malaria, a chemoprophylactic medicine or if this is digistible (should be tested some time before leaving) an emergency medicine should be carried along, and can be applied if typical symptoms of malaria arise while there is no medicinal care available.
In addition, plenty of insect-repellant should be carried along and one should always wear long trouses and long sleeved shirts or pullovers.
To prevent yourself of getting a diarrhoea in a tropical country, one should always cook the drinking water and be careful when eating anything from small restaurants or public markets. Generally there is one rule: “Cook it, peel it or forget it !”. In some regions please hold on strictly to that rule, as collecting stick-insects becomes impossible when one is bed or toilet all the day…! Ensure hygienic drinking water and food !

Actualized information for most countries can be found in the internet.