Oskar V. Conle

I was born in Munich in 1977 and have grown up in Bolsterlang in the beautiful Allgäu (Bavaria). Already at the age of two years I began to collect insects in small “soap-boxes” and with growing up I became increasingly interested in these animals. Up to the age of twelve I restricted to collecting and breeding indigenous insects but my first travels to the tropics (Malaysia and Australia) with my family have awakened my interest in tropical insects.
I started breeding Phasmids in the early 1990’s and have since built up the world´s largest collection of preserved Phasmatodea.  In addition to the Phasmatodea I also have a large collection of rhinoceros beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae), which as well may be amongst some of the largest private collections of this coleopteran subfamily. Since many years already I am a member of the „Phasmid Study Group, PSG“, „Phasma“, „Münchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft, MEG“ and the „Orthopterist’s Society” and since 2003 I am a collaborator of the “Section Rhynchota” of the State Entomological Collections (ZSMC) in Munich. I furthermore act as a referee for several renowned journals checking and commenting on submitted manuscripts prior to their publication, and as a phasmid-specialists I am also involved in several official international research-projects.

I am a self-employed real estate manager, lead an own private music studio and do combat-sport  (Taekwondo, 4. Dan & Allkampf-Jitsu, 1.Dan).