Frank H. Hennemann

I was born in Ludwigshafen am Rhein in 1978 and grew up in the beautiful Vorderpfalz along the “Deutsche Weinstraße”, Germany's biggest and most famous wine region. I became interested in nature but „creepy-crawlies“ in particular in my early childhood already. It was my cousin who introduced me to phasmids and from whom I received my first live phasmids (Extatosoma tiaratum and Haplopus micropterus) in 1989. These awakened an increasingly growing interest in these fascinating insects and soon I made contact with other breeders in my region at a meeting held in the Pfalzmuseum für Naturkunde in Bad Dürkheim. The result was a growing number of species, cages and terrariums which finally occupied a complete room in my mothers house. In addition to phasmids I have also reared beetles (Coleoptera), various Orthopthera (grasshoppers & katydids), praying mantids (Mantodea) and cockroaches (Blattodea) during the mid 1990’s. However, I restricted to phasmids in the late 1990’s and have since frequently kept more than 30 different species in my laboratory.

Due to my father used to work and live in Singapore for several years, I had the opportunity to explore Southeast Asia and undertook several travels together with him in the early 1990’s, e.g. to West Malaysia, Bali, Sulawesi and Borneo. My increasing fascination in insects has made these travels with my father become more and more what one would call “expeditions”, which aimed in finding phasmids. These travels throughout Southeast Asia have resulted in my great passion for the tropics.

Rather early I began to preserve dead phasmids from my cultures in order to build up a collection of dried Phasmatodea and it was mainly the distinction and naming of species that has awakened my interest in the taxonomy and systematics of these insects. In addition to building up a hughe scientific reference-collection of preserved Phasmatodea, which now contains more than 25.000 dried and pinned specimens, I have in my early years also built up a small collection of other insect-orders.

The good friendship to Oskar resulted in a common passion for Phasmatodea, numerous collecting-trips to the tropics and a very close collaboration in all of our projects and studies. In the late 1990's we had the idea to built up an own website and brought “Phasmatodea – the world of stick and leaf-insects” online in 2000.

I am a member of the "Orthopterist’s Society", the „Münchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft, MEG, the Dutch/Belgian group "Phasma"and since 2003 I am a collaborator of the „Section Rhynchota“ of the State Entomological Collections (ZSMC) in Munich. I furthermore act as a referee for several renowned zoological journals checking and commenting on submitted manuscripts prior to their publication, and as a phasmid-specialists I am also involved in several official international research-projects in Central and South America.

Starting with a study in biology (Master) I switched over to a become a secondary-school teacher for biology and politics. But despite my study I am now working at VW/Audi. In addition to my general passion for biology, which in particular concerns to entomology, evolution, biodiversity, taxonomy, phylogenetics and biogeography, I am interested in archeology, motor-engineering, photography, graphics and video-processing.