Museums & Institutions

The following is a list of all museums and institutions which inherit important Phasmid-collections with or without type-material. It is alphabetical in order to the official codens / acronyms (see: hbs.
A double-click on the acronym will either connect you to the website of the concerned museum / institution, or provide you with general information on the size and history of the collection, number of species that are represented as type-material, corresponding authors as well as the address of the corresponding curator. A bibliography of type-catalogues is presented as well.

In several cases however no detailed information on the collection or contained type-material is available yet.


The „Top 10“ of Phasmid-collections

The taxonomic importance of a collection generally depends on the number of type-specimens that it contains. From a taxonomic view the following ten collections are the most important ones in the world: Vienna (NHMW), London (BMNH), Berlin (MNHU), Oxford (OXUM), Paris (MNHN), Philadelphia (ANSP), Geneve (MHNG), Genova (MCSN), Hamburg (ZMUH), Stockholm (NHRS) and Leiden (RMNH).

In view of their size (total number of specimens), the following three collections are the largest in the world: London (BMNH), Philadelphia (ANSP) und Paris (MNHN).


 The Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria (NHMW)