Phanocles sp.  "Durango"
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)

FamilyDiapheromeridae  Kirby, 1904
Kirby, 1904
TribeDiapheromerini Kirby, 1904
GenusPhanocles  Stål, 1875
SpeciesPhanocles sp. "Durango"
not yet identified


General Notes

  • 2008 - first successful culture by Bruno Kneubühler
  • 2008 - distributed as Phanocles sp. "Durango"



  • my culture stock has been collected by Horst Kaech (Ecuador) in December 2007 at Durango (Esmeraldas, Ecuador)



  • typical brown phasmids, they can become quite big - about 15 - 16 cm long
  • some small blunt spines on the thorax
  • 2 blunt spines on the head



  • also typical phasmids - about 10 cm long
  • they are winged
  • they behave very hysteric and stagger around the cage for quite a long time when being touched. This makes is not so easy to change food plants when there are several male in the cage



  • brown, about 3 mm long
  • incubate the eggs at room temperatures (18-25°C) on some humid substrate, e.g. sand. Incubation time is about 4-5 months


Food Plants

  • both nymphs and adult feed easily on bramble, but they also like oak very much


Breeding Notes

  • nymphs will also act quite disturbed when being touched, but they calm down quickly
  • during the day, nymphs are usually on the leaves of the food plants
  • keep nymphs and adults in quite an airy cage. Move nymphs to a bigger cage according to their size as they grow up
  • adult moult will happen after about 3 months for male and 3,5 months for females
  • females lay several eggs per day, which they just drop to the ground
  • neither do I spray nymphs nor adults with water
  • if there is a wet paper towel on the cage floor, then humidity in the cage will be high enough to ensure that they nymphs can moult successfully



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