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Phasmotaenia salomonense

HENNEMANN & CONLE, 2009: 23, figs. 27-30, 57, 59 & 60.


HENNEMANN, F. H. & CONLE, O. V. (2009): Studies on the genus Phasmotaenia Navás, 1907, with the descriptions of five new species from the Solomon Islands, a revised key to the species and notes on its geographic distribution (Phasmatodea: “Anareolatae”: Phasmatidae s. l.: Stephanacridini). Zootaxa, 2011: 1-46.



Holotype, female [Naturhistorisches Museum Wien / NHMW] Body length (incl. subgenital plate) 154.0 mm


Paratype, female [Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde, Dresden / SMTD] Body length (incl. subgenital plate) 157.0 mm


Paratype, egg [Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde, Dresden / SMTD]. Capsule length 3.3 mm





HOLOTYPE, ♀ + 1egg (ex ovipositor): Salomonen, Santa Isabel Isl., Albatros, ex. Mus. Caesar [Naturhistorisches Museum Wien / NHMW].

PARATYPE, ♀: Solomon Islands, Bougainville, Crown Prince Range, 4000 ft., 1965 C. RA. Exploration; No. F3224.179 [Manchester Museum, The University, Manchester / MMUE].

PARATYPE, ♀ + 1 egg (ex ovipositor): Kieta, Bougainville, 193., 1937-9; australis K. Gthr. det. [Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde, Dresden / SMTD].

PARATYPE, ♀: Bougainville, Solomon Is, II.1928, Ac. 28250, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. Dept. Invert. Zool.  [Academy of Natural Scienes, Philadelphia / ANSP].