Web links

In the following list we present several links to selected and interesting websites. As there are thousands of small, mostly hosted on free-webspace full of advertisements and sometimes strange sites on phasmids in the web, we decided to present a selection of the best ones, only. We are not responsible for the content of these websites. In case you come across a website worth to be listed here, please contact us. Thank you!



Selected websites "Phasmids in general"

One of the largest websites on Phasmids in the Internet! Owned by Bruno Biron. Very interesting for breeders. Many photos and information.


Large website with scientific content. Publications of the ASPER Team, type-photos...




Very well done website for breeders from Thierry Lefeuvre. With professional forum...


Website on Phyllium by Detlef Groeßer.
http://pagesperso-orange.fr/site-a-yannickWebsite of Yannick Belanger.


Website dedicated to stickinsects, contains morphology, geography and distribution maps.


Very informative website dedicated to the stickinsects of Australia. A lot of texts but only few pictures.


Website of Heinz van Herwaarden on the phasmatodea of New Guinea. Taxonomic content.


Website of Dieter Schulten (Aquazoo) containing many beautiful photos.


Beautiful website on stickinsects and their eggs from Cédric Vaucher.

http://www.wandelendetakken.beNice little website with forum.
http://www.microcosmos.org.uk/main.htmSmall website from Sally L. Ewen on phasmids and mantids with nice photos, but scientific names not up tp date.
http://phasmaphils.blogspot.comGreat photos of Philippine phasmids by Thierry Heitzmann.
http://www.dont-touch-my.com/phasmid.list.shtmlPhilippine phasmids by Andy Maluche.
http://www.angelfire.com/yt/kpyehi2 West-Malaysian phasmids by Michael KP Yeh.
http://www.strasilky.cz/index.htmLarge Polish website of Jaromír Zajíček with nice photos.
http://www.kk-web.at/HP-Phasmiden/basis.htmSmall site of Karl Kutterer on several phasmids with photos.
http://adampl.mga.com.pl/start.phpAn other Polish website on phasmids.
http://www.sirkat.netNice Finish site on stickinsects.
http://www.sticklist.com/index.htm "Stick talk" for breeders and amateurs.


Interesting website of C. F. Moxey with scientific content.

http://www.phasmiduniverse.com/well done site of Pablo Valero about phasmids in spanish - and he is working on an english translation of the content


Website with scientific content, mainly on Mantophasmatodea. Not much content on Phasmatodea and very much out of date.


Graphically interesting website with good layout. Containing films of stickinsects.


Ask Professor Phasmid! -> very "funny" questions are posted here... interesting for beginners.


Website on the systematics of phasmids, from E. Tilgner.

http://www.insectissima.deWebsite of Sascha Eilmus.
 http://www.phasmiden.netWebsite of Alexander Esch. 
 http://mantophasma.com/phasmatodea/Website of Javier Tamayo Lorenzo from Spain
 http://www.malaeng.com/blog/?cat=56 Website of the Chiang Mai Zoo on their phasmid breeding




Selected links "associations and groups"


The best and largest orthopterological website in the internet!
Supplying large amounts of information on taxonomy and
a lot of other subjects. Great layout an design.
They publish their own magazine and Newsletter.


The new website of the Netherlands/Belgium stickinsect breeding group "Phasma".


The englisch stickinsect breeding group "Phasmid Study Group". (PSG).


Association Arthropoda by Emmanuel Delfosse.





Selected links "taxonomy"
http://phasmida.speciesfile.org/HomePage.aspxThe Phasmida Species File. Only official website listing all taxonomic information on Phasmids. Managed and frequently updated by Paul D. Brock.