the 2014 eggs season is over. Expect eggs of more new species to be announced
here by mid / end of April '15. Stay tuned ...

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eggs of new or rarely cultured phasmid species will be available


Eggs of my newly cultured phasmid species will be available by mid / end of April '15
from my trusted colleagues. They act as my distribution partners. Please get in
contact with them directly (you find their contact adresses further down)

Bruno Kneubuehler   (Switzerland)



 Fred GaluskaFranceinsectesennord@hotmail.fron Facebook 
Bruno Kneubühler
Switzerlandgopala@bluewin.chon Facebook 


·   first come first served  ( ... while stock lasts)
·   if need be, my colleagues keep a waiting list
·   unless stated otherwise, all eggs offered are from a sexual culture
·   species with few eggs will be available from Dominic Ertl only
·   I recommend to start a new culture with at least 30 eggs


Why do I work with distribution partners ?
this distribution system has several benefits:

    >  shipping within the EU
     >  no additional customs fees and inspection    >  more favourable prices
    >  shorter delivery time
    >  more favourable shipping costs
     so overall it is easier, cheaper and safer

What do I do with the profit ?
profit from these sales I will use to support research trips by fellow scientists. And
in return they collect eggs of new species. For example, an entomologist is planning
a research trip to Papua New Guinea in 2015 - the home of exraordinary species ...

I am also interested in an exchange, against new species which are of interest to me

any feedback, suggestions or complaints are very welcome

Bruno Kneubuehler  (Switzerland)
    >  contact:   email,    Facebook



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