Eggs of newly or rarely cultured Phasmid species

eggs of most species are also available from my trusted colleagues Dominic
and Fred. They act as my distribution partners for Europe

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Bruno Kneubuehler   (Switzerland)


New Additions

 28.08. 2015 
 Aschiphasma annulipes "Tapah"
 very beautiful, very agile and very quick species, easy to
 breed on Ficus lyrata or Mulberry
Asch_ann_female_52_2 Asch_ann_mal15_01 Asch_ann_female_51
 Asprenas sp. "microwings, Koghi"
 spiny, sturdy species from New Caledonia, with red micro-
 wings, easy to breed on bramble
Asprenas_microwing_Koghi_2013_fem31_2 Asprenas_microwing_Koghi_2013_mal32_1 Asprenas_microwing_Koghi_2013_fem35


(click on species name for care sheet with many photos)

  Aschiphasma annulipes "Tapah"
20 eggs = 16 €  F4, very quick, colorful, feed on Ficus lyrata and Mulberry, NEW
  Asprenas sp. "microwings, Koghi"
20 eggs = 14 €  F2, spiny, red microwings, easy (bramble), NEW
  Centrophasma hadrillum "Bako"20 eggs = 18 €
  F2, sturdy, very spiny, easy (bramble)
  Epidares nolimetangere "Santubong"20 eggs = 14 €  F2, very spiny, Y-spines, easy (bramble)
  Extatosoma tiaratum "Innisfail"30 eggs = 14 €  F1, pure culture, easy (bramble)
  Neoclides sp. "Bako"20 eggs = 16 €
  F2, astounding camouflage, food plants see care sheet
  Paragongylopus sp. "Hoang Lien"20 eggs = 17 €
  F2, small, slow-moving, easy
  Planudes sp. "Cachoerias de Macacu"
30 eggs = 15 €
  F2, feed on bramble, very easy
  Phyllium sp. "Bidoup Nui Ba"
20 eggs = 14 €  F1, new species, Vietnam, easy (bramble), NEW
  Phyllium sp. "Singapore"
20 eggs = 18 €  F3, new species, moderately easy (bramble), NEW
  Ramulus sp. "Kirirom, yellow eyes"40 eggs = 15 €
  F1, feed on bramble, very easy
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General Ordering Infos

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·  shipment against prepayment only
·  please note that registered shipments are more frequently checked by customs
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with the profit ?
profit will be used to support research trips by fellow entomologists

When will it be too cold for shipment ?
as long as day temperatures are not constantly around 0°C, it should be
safe to send phasmid eggs by mail. As the LTD-Method shows, phasmid
eggs are quite resilient

exchange is possible, against species which are of interest to me

Culture status of the species offered
some of the species offered are being bred for the first generation (F1)
only. Thus their culture status is be considered as not yet established

Will you offer these species again next year ?
I won't again breed most of the species offered above, as I have too
many new species to take care of

Why should we keep cultures pure according to their provenience ?
Life on our planet is amazingly diverse. And it does not come as a surprise
that there are more or less apparent differences (morphology, biology,
behaviour) between geographically well seperated populations. Even though
they belong to the same species according to contemporary taxonomic rules
and understanding

An opportunity to genuinely honor nature's astounding diversity is to keep
phasmid cultures pure according to their provenience. And who knows what
future in-depth studies will bring to the light of taxonomic knowledge, with
regard to subspecies, cryptic species, sibling species and the changing and
ever challenging understanding"what after all is a species  ?"

Isn't it unethical to sell eggs ?
for small-minded people it is indeed

any feedback, suggestions or complaints are very welcome

Bruno Kneubuehler

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