Eggs of newly or rarely cultured Phasmid species

eggs of some of my new phasmid species are available from my colleagues only.
They act as my distribution partners. If you are interested, then please get in
contact with them directly (contact adresses below)

subscribe to my Mailing List    then you will be informed by email as soon as
eggs of more new or rarely cultured phasmid species will be available

Bruno Kneubuehler   (Switzerland)


New additions

   09. 06. 2015 
  • Phyllium bioculatum "Sukabumi"
    easy on Salal, from the area of Sukabumi (Java)
Phyllium_bioculuatum_Sukabumi_mal51_1 Phyllium_bioculuatum_Sukabumi_mal28 Phyllium_bioculuatum_Sukabumi_fem30
  • Prosentoria sp. "Bidoup Nui Ba"
    gracile, big species; females with very long subgenital plate; easy on bramble, from Vietnam
Prosentoria_NuiBa_2014_fem31_0 Prosentoria_NuiBa_2014_fem30 Prosentoria_NuiBa_2014_mal31<
(click on species name for care sheet with many photos)
 Dominic Fred
(without shipping costs)
  Eurycnema versirubra "Timor"
xx20 eggs = 18 €  huge, colorful, with ♂, NEW
  Extatosoma tiaratum "Innisfail"xx20 eggs = 10 €  new pure culture, very easy (bramble), NEW
  Paraleptyniini sp. "Capilla del Monte"x x20 eggs = 10 €  gracile species, Argentina, parthenogenetic, NEW
  Paramenexenus laetus "Tay Yen Tu"
x x20 eggs = 12 €
  bright green, colorful, easy (bramble), NEW
  Phyllium bioculatum "Sukabumi" xx20 eggs = 16 €
  easy on Salal, NEW
  Phyllium giganteum "Tapah" x x20 eggs = 14 €  easy (bramble), parthenogenetic
  Phyllium jacobsoni "Halimun"
xx20 eggs = 12 €  quite small, easy (bramble), NEW
  Phyllium sp. "Tapah" x x20 eggs = 16 €  red coxae, easy (bramble), NEW
  Prosentoria sp. "Bidoup Nui Ba" xx20 eggs = 10 €  gracile, big species, easy (bramble), NEW
  Xenophasmina simile "Chiang Mai" x x20 eggs = 10 €  masters of camouflage, easy (bramble)
  Cranidium gibbosum
  Phyllium celebicum "Sulawesi"
no more available !
   · shipping costs Dominic:  Germany (non-registered 3 €, registered 5 €), Europe and worldwide (non-registered 5 €, registered 8 €)
   · shipping costs Fred:  France (non-registered 1 €), Europe (non-registered 2 €), wordwide (non-registered 5 €)


few batches (60 eggs each) are available of the following species :

(without shipping costs)
  Asceles sp. "Koh Chang"x50 eggs = 35 €
  colorful, easy (Rhododendron, Salal, bramble), NEW
  Lobofemora scheirei "Cat Tien"x40 eggs = 25 €
  ♀ variably colored, ♂ rustle with wings, easy, Bramble
  Macellina dentata "Nui Chua"x40 eggs = 25 €
  very gracile species, easy (Salal), NEW
  Megacrania phelaus "Kwara'ae"
x60 eggs = 50 €
  colorful species, easy (Pandanus, palm)
  Necroscia punctata "Dong Nai"x60 eggs = 50 €
  very colorful, winged, easy (Hypericum, oak), NEW
  Macellina dentata "Nui Chua"
  Necrosciinae sp. "Bidoup Nui Ba"
  Pseudodatamini sp. "Nosy Be"
no more available !
  · shipping costs Bruno: Europe (non-registered 5 €, registered 10 €), Paypal preferred
  · species offered by Dominic and Fred are available directly from Bruno too, if you take at least 50 eggs per species


  Fred GaluskaFranceinsectesennord@hotmail.fron Facebook 
  Bruno Kneubühler
Switzerlandgopala@bluewin.chon Facebook 


·  all of us speak english very well
·  first come first served    ( ... while stock lasts)
·  all distribution partners keep a waiting list (if need be)
·  more new species will be offered during the year


Why do I work with distribution partners ?
shipping within the EU
thus no additional customs fees and inspection
shorter delivery time
lower shipping costs

What do I do with the profit ?
my profit from these sales I will use to support research trips by fellow
scientists. And in return they collect eggs of new species ...

Exchange is possible, against new species which are of interest to me

any feedback, suggestions or complaints are very welcome

How many eggs are needed for to start a new species ?
to have a good chance, I recommend to start with at least 30 eggs

Terms and Conditions
with your payment you accept our Terms and Conditions

Bruno Kneubuehler

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