you can now order eggs of Bruno Kneubuehlers new and rare phasmid species from
his trusted partners listed below. They receive these eggs directly from Bruno. This
distribution system has several benefits:

     >  shipping with the EU - thus avoiding customs !
     >  thus no additional customs fees and inspection
     >  cheaper prices
     >  shorter delivery time
     >  cheaper shipping costs
       overall it is easier, cheaper and safer

please directly get in contact with the partners listed below:

 Fred GaluskaFREmail Fredon Facebook 
 Álvaro Pérez Gómez
ESEmail Álvaro  on FacebookÁlvaro's website
 Marco SalemiITEmail Marco on FacebookMarco's webseite
 Dominic ErtlDEEmail Dominic  

     ..... Bruno (
email) is looking for a trustworthy sales partner in eastern Europe !

and these are the species they have available ( ... while stock lasts)

Fred GaluskaÁlvaro Pérez GómezMarco Salemi Dominic Ertl
 Achrioptera punctipes punctipesxxx  
 Achrioptera fallax xx  
 Anchiale maculata "Galela"     *xxxxx
 Cladomorphus phyllinus     *xxxxx
 Medaurini sp. "Tay Yen Tu"     *xxxxx
 Micadina sp. 2 "Tay Yen Tu"     *xxxxx
 Micadina sp. "Cuc Phuong"xxx  
 Phryganistria heusii ssp. "Tay Yen Tu"  *xxx x
 Phyllium tobeloense "Galela"     *xxx x
 Ramulus sp. "Tay Yen Tu"     *xxxxx
 Xenophasmina simile "Chiang Mai"xxxxx

·  most species will be available for a short time only
·  *  =  this species will be available during 2014 season only (Bruno won't breed it for another generation)


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