Eggs of newly or rarely cultured Phasmid species

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Bruno Kneubuehler   (Switzerland)



Price List      (click on species name for a care sheet with many more photos and infos)

Bactrododema hecticum "Windhoek"   (F1)

· big, sturdy, bark-colored species
· ♀ up to 16 cm, ♂ 12 cm
· quite easy on bramble and Salal
  price:  30 eggs = 20 €

Lonchodes sp. "Ba Be"   (F1)

· medium sized, rather colorful species
· ♀ bis 12 cm, ♂ 9.5 cm
· very easy on bramble
 price:  30 eggs = 15 €

Lonchodes sp. "Imugan Falls"   (F1)

· medium sized, gracile species
· ♀ bis 11 cm, ♂ 7.5 cm
· very easy on bramble
  price:  40 eggs = 15 €

Phaenopharos sp. "Kirirom"   (F1)

· medium sized species with red micro-wings
· ♀ up to 12 cm, ♂ 9 cm
· very easy on bramble
  price:  30 eggs = 15 €

Phyllium jacobsoni "Halimun"   (F2)

· small Phyllium species
· ♀ bis 7 cm, ♂ 5 cm
· very easy on bramble
  price:  30 eggs = 15 €

unident. ABC "Nui Chua"   (F3)

· robust, rather colorful new species
· ♀ up to 13 cm, ♂ 6 cm
· very easy on bramble and hypericum
  price:  30 eggs = 15 €


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the profit ?
profit is used to support research trips by fellow entomologists

exchange is possible, against species which are of interest to me

Culture status of the species offered
F1 stand for a culture which is bred for only 1 Generation so far, F2 cultures have
been bred for 2 generations, F3 for 3 generations ....

How many eggs are needed to start a new culture ?
I recommend to start a new culture with at least 30 eggs

When will it be too cold for shipment ?
the LTD-Method shows even eggs of tropical phasmids are astoundingly resilient
against rather low temperatures. And I am receiving eggs all year round, during
winter too. Therefore it seems to me that it is quite safe to send phasmid eggs by
mail even during winter time. But is important to make the arrangements so that
the eggs won't be exposed to very low temperatures (or high temperatures
durin summer !) upon delivery ! A weather exposed letter box is risk ! Ultimately
it is fully at your own discretion to decide whether you wanna take the risk to
order phasmid eggs during winter time

Will you offer these species again next year ?
most species I won't offer again next year

Why should we keep cultures pure according to their provenience ?
Life on our planet is amazingly diverse. And it does not come as a surprise
that there are indeed more or less apparent differences (morphology, biology,
behaviour) between geographically well seperated populations. Even though
these might belong to the same species according to contemporary (morpho)
taxonomic rules and understanding. All too often our morpho taxonomists just
don't have enough material for a detailed comparison, and thus they do not
recognize these differences. But things are slowly changing now ....

Breeders can honor nature's astounding diversity by keeping phasmid cultures
pure according to their provenience. And who knows what future in-depth
studies will bring to the light of taxonomic knowledge, with regard to
subspecies, cryptic species, sibling species and the ever changing and
challenging understanding "what the heck is a species after all ?"

for any feedback, suggestions or complaints please email me

Bruno Kneubuehler

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