Bruno Kneubühler

Born (1964) and grown up in a small village near Lucerne (Switzerland), a rather remote place. There were many forests and rivulets around my parents house - with all sorts of interesting wildlife. I started at a young age to bring those crawling, flying, creeping, swimming, hopping and jumping creature back to our appartement - to observe, breed and marvel. Not always to the sheer delight of my mother

Since then I could never again get the world of crawling creatures out of my mind. And one fine day I discoverd some phasmids - in a backroom of the biology class room at the gymnasium. Just some Carausius morosus and Extatosoma tiaratum, and that got my fascination for these insects got started

When I studied in Zurich (food science ETH Zurich, PhD in food microbiology) I could make some great connections with well experienced phasmid breeders from all over Europe. They gave me a lot of knowledge about breeding phasmids and I also got some new species from them.  Just a few species were available for a beginner like me back then - unlike today. To get a new species was a veritable sensation for me which could give me sleepless nights

In 1990 I made an internship for a big food manufacturer in Malaysia - in the context of my study.  And who is surprised to know that I have choosen Malaysia mainly out of my interest for phasmids - and not so much for motives relevant to my study. So at the end of that internship, I could also explore the Cameroon Highlands  (Malaysia) for 10 days. But of course during the night when the phasmids were out and about. When the locals up there saw me venturing out in the forest at night, they thought that european guy must be crazy - as only fools go out to the jungle at night

Till now, this has been my first and only trip to a rain forest - in search of new phasmid species. But I can still draw very precious and powerful memories from that visit. It is purely astonishing how dense the atmosphere is out in a primary rain forest at night - pure life

For some time I have also been a student and novice monk in an old indian spiritual tradition, in search for more substantial answers about life. The nihilistic and egoistic views of modern society and it's blind belief in school sciences could no more reach my heart

Over the years I could breed hunderts of different phasmid species from around the globe. I am breeding them in vivo, study aspects of their biology, document their morphology by taking detailed photos and make these informations available for taxonomic studies conducted by my colleagues.

With Oskar Conle and Frank Hennemann, the experts for neotropical phasmid taxonomy, I was fortunate enough to build up an enriching and friendly collaboration. Their vast knowledge in phasmid taxonomy, readiness to help and enthusiasm for the subject were and still are a great support and incentive for my own endeavours in working with phasmids. And (even more important to me) I value their caring kindness and modesty

I was very lucky to meet my dear wife Sabine. She supperts me in may ways, even though she is not really enthusiastic about insects in general or phasmids in particular. And her loving support means a lot to me

Furthermore I work in a laboratory for food safety in Zurich, and I am a trained therapist (Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity, Somatic Experiencing) 

My life's motto  - it is normal to be different