(updated April 2015)

Terms and Conditions  /  Disclaimer


  1. the recipient clarifies whether importing phasmids is legal
  2. if customs authorities of the recipients country delay or confiscate a shipment for any reason, then we do not accept any liability
  3. choosing regular (non-registered) shipment is always at the risk of the recipient
  4. the recipient ensures that the shipment won't be exposed to excessive heat (summer) or cold (early winter) upon delivery - e.g. in a sunexposed mailbox
  5. the conditions during shipment, incubation and breeding are entirely out of our control. Therefore we do not accept liability for the eggs to hatch or the culture to be successful
  6. with your payment you accept these Terms and Conditions


Dominic Ertl (Germany)

Fred Galuska (France)

Bruno Kneubuehler  (Switzerland)