Anchiale stolli                                  PSG 292
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)

FamilyPhasmatidaeGray, 1835
SubfamilyPhasmatinae  Gray, 1835
TribePhasmatinae Gray, 1835
Stål, 1875
SpeciesAnchiale stollliSharp, 1898


General Notes

  • 2006 - first successful culture by  Bruno Kneubühler
  • 2006 - distributed to other breeders by the name of Anchiale sp. "Guadalcanal"
  • 2007 - this species has been identified by Frank Hennemann as Anchiale stolli



  • there are two stock cultures, one originates from Guadalcanal (Solomon Ids) and the other from Malaita (Solomon Islands)
  • specimens of both stocks look just the same. But still these two cultures should be kept seperatly



  • typical stick insects, about 19-20 cm long
  • uniform brown colour
  • they have well developed wings, which they open up as a defense reaction. Then the beautifully black-red coloured inside of the hind wings becomes visible
  • but they do not fly



  • also typical stick insects, about 11-12 cm long
  • nice mixtures of brown with some white markings on their forewings and a reddish spot on their heads
  • they have well developed wings and are capable to fly


Food Plants

  • they feed easily on bramble, but also like oak


Breeding Notes

  • easy to breed
  • keep the nymphs seperat from the adults in an fairly airy cage
  • male mature quite quickly, after about 2,5 months. Females take about 3,5 months to mature
  • females start to lay eggs about 2-3 weeks after their final moult
  • several eggs per day which just drop to the ground



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