Peruphasma schultei
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)

SuperfamilyPseudophasmatoidea Rehn, 1904
FamilyPseudophasmatidae Rehn, 1904
SubfamilyPseudophasmatinaeRehn, 1904
TribeAnisomorphiniRedtenbacher, 1906
GenusPeruphasmaConle & Hennemann, 2002
SpeciesPeruphasma schulteiConle & Hennemann, 2005


General Notes

  • this species has been cultivated successfully for the first time by Oskar Cone and Frank Hennemann (2005). It has been named after Rainer Schulte - a well-known amphibian expert, who found them in Peru
  • breeders who contributed to this care sheet  Oskar Conle, Frank Hennemann



  • Cordillera del Condor, 1200 – 1800m, Northern-Peru


Females, Males

  • females are 7 cm, males 6 cm long
  • both sexes have bright red wings which they display often when handled


Food Plants

  • they feed readily on privet (Ligustrum sp.) and Lonicera cf nitida sp. (which is a common garden plant)
  • Aucuba (Aucuba japonica)  - is well accepted by all stages (Sarah-Jane Dulitz, Germany)
  • bramble (Rubus spp.) - is well accepted by L3+  (Yeisson Gutierrez, Germany)


Breeding Notes

  • this is one of the most beautiful species in culture today
  • small sized, yet easy to breed at room temperatures
  • egg take 3-4 months to hatch and nymphs grow up in about 5 months
  • do not keep the eggs very humid, they do not suffer if kept dry for a short time. They will even hatch when kept totally dry
  • an airy, well ventilated cage with dry paper on the ground is best
  • do not keep this species in high humidity
  • you may provide them with a cup of water, filled with paper tissue for them to drink water
  • they do well even in small cages
  • there is some chance that nymphs and adults will drown in the container for the food plants – therefore cover the container with cotton wool
  • warning - this species can spray a defensive liquide from glands just behind the head when handled. This liquid irritates the eyes for a short while, not really harmful but better to avoid it (I have made the experience myself)



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