Glawiana glawi

HENNEMANN & CONLE, 2004: 42, figs. 16, 34-35, 71, 73 & 92 (♀).


HENNEMANN, F.H. & CONLE, O.V. (2004): Revision of the tribe Achriopterini Bradley & Galil, 1977, with the description of a new genus three new species and a new subspecies from Madagascar (Phasmatodea; Phasmatidae; Phasmatinae). Mitteilungen der Münchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft, 94: 5-54.


Holotype, female [Zoologische Staatssammlung München / ZSMC].  Body length (incl. subgenital plate) 91.8 mm
This species is named in honour of its collector Dr. Frank GLAW (ZSMC) who has during the past few years collected several interesting Phasmatodea in Madagascar and kindly gave these to the authors for examination.
HOLOTYPE, ♀: Südwest Madagaskar, Tuléar, Umgebung Hotel La Mangrove, ausgetrockneter Bachlauf 0-70 m, 23° 29´40” S, 43° 46´11” E, leg. F. Glaw 2003 [Zoologische Staatssammlung München / ZSMC].