Paractenomorpha baehri

HENNEMANN & CONLE, 2004: 17, figs. 1-4.


HENNEMANN, F. H. & CONLE, O. V. (2004): Paractenomorpha baehri, gen. nov., spec. nov., a new Phasmid from South Australia (Insecta, Phasmatodea, Phasmatinae, Phasmatini). Spixiana, 27(1): 15-18.



Holotype, female [Zoologische Staatssammlung München / ZSMC].   Body length (excluding cerci) 102.0 mm




The new species is named in honour of its collector Dr. Martin BAEHR (ZSMC).




HOLOTYPE, female: Australien 75, Gawler Range, 60 km w. Iron Knob, SA, 20.12.1972, leg. M. Baehr, zoologische Staatssammlung München [Zoologische Staatssammlung München / ZSMC].

PARATYPES, 4 eggs (extracted from abdomen of holotype): same data as holotype [Zoologische Staatssammlung München / ZSMC].