Anchiale maculata "Bacan"
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)


Anchiale maculata is very similar to Anchiale maculata "Seram" - both in external appearance as well as behaviour, development and culture conditions. Therefore there will not be a seperat care sheet for A. maculata "Bacan". For more detailed informations please see the care sheet for Anchiale maculata "Seram".

Please keep Anchiale maculata "Bacan" seperate from Anchiale maculata "Seram". Even though they superficially seem to be rather similar, future close examinations could nontheless disclose distinct differences as these two culture stocks originate from distant islands


I obtained eggs from an indonesia insect dealer. The eggs were collected from specimens which were found at Labuha on Bacan Island (Molukas, Indonesia)

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