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Note on PSG 267


the report from Daniel is interesting! I have seen a photo of the type material of Asceles glaber which is preserved at the Indian Museum. The specimens from Myanmar seem PSG 267, but the type-series contains also unrelated species.

I only point out that the year of publication of Günther's paper is 1938, not 1935.


Asceles sp. Ban Salok (PSG 267) is Asceles glaber

Hi Board


I made some research about the Genus Asceles and searched which species PSG 267 could actually be. I found Asceles glaber (Günther, 1938). There is not much information about this species, no drawings and just one type specimen which is very damaged. But the whole information I found totally matches PSG 267 and Oskar agreed with my identification. Therefore:

Asceles sp. Ban Salok, Thailand (PSG 267)

Asceles glaber (PSG 267)


Best regards


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