Carausius chani        PSG 27
(by Bruno Kneubühler)

FamilyPhasmatidaeGray, 1835
SubfamilyLonchodinaeBrunner v. Wattenwil, 1893
TribeLochodiniBrunner v. Wattenwil, 1893
GenusCarausius Stål, 1875
SpeciesCarausius chaniHausleithner, 1991


General Informations

  • this species has been described first as Phasgania chani by Hausleithner in 1991
  • since a long time in culture, although not widespread - several culture stock were imported over the years



  • my culture stock has been collected in April 2008 by the Baudin brothers (France) in Sandakaan (Sabah, Borneo)



  • slender insects - about 11 cm long
  • colouration is a light green to a light greenish brown
  • 2 foreward pointed spines are on the head
  • 2 lobes on the lower legs of fore and mid legs



  • pretty, thin insects - about 7,5 - 8 cm long
  • shiny green
  • leg joints (coxae) of mid and hind legs are bluish
  • knees are yellow-black
  • surface is slightly granulated
  • they too have 2 small foreward pointed spines on their head
  • anteannae are longer than the fore legs



  • about 2 x 1,3 mm
  • brown
  • surface has a net-like structure


Food Plants

  • nymphs and adults feed easily on bramble (Rubus sp.)


Breeding Notes

  • easy to breed
  • incubation of the eggs on damp (not too wet) sand - with springtails to reduce mould growth
  • incubation at room temperatures (20-23°C) is about 3-4 months
  • freshly hatched nymphs have brownish colour
  • nymphs grow up well in a humid atmosphere and well ventilated cage - I am using Fauna boxes for the smaller nymphs and bigger cages for the medium grown nymphs and adults
  • I do never spray them with water - a constantly wet paper towel on the cage floor provides enough humidity
  • especially adult males, to a lesser degree also adult females and nymphs, behave quite excited when being touched and will wriggle
  • males take about 3 months to get adult, females about 3,5 months
  • about 2-3 weeks after their final moult females will start to lay eggs
  • eggs are just dropped to the ground



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