Collecting phasmids in the wild

Whoever has worked with phasmids for a longer period of time and has found a rising interest in these bizarre insects, will try to catch some specimens himself, let it be on a holiday or in ones own garden. In most cases however these “collecting-trips” are not much successful as unexpierienced collectors do not know about the necessary background knowledge and collecting techniques. As most phasmids are, in contrast to many other insect orders, difficult to catch by using a light trap, collecting appears to be quite problematic especially if larger numbers are wished to be collected. Nevertheless there are several more or less productive techniques, which do at least allow a collection of Phasmid from different habits and altitudes in the rain forest vegetation.

In the following text we describe those collecting techniques that have been successfully applied by ourselves and are predominantly harmonized with the tropics.

We do however want to indicate that taking live insects from their natural environment can cause disharmony within the special habitat why the risks for nature should always be calculated and kept in mind.
In many countries it is necessary to procure oneself a collecting- and export permit if animals are wished to be taken abroad.
Please keep im mind that it should be our duty and aim to save and preserve nature as our survival is impossible without it.
We clearly dissociate ourselves from those cruel collecting methods which spread strongly poisonous insectizides in the canopy regions of the rain forest trees in order to investigate their biodiversity. Methods like this may appear very productive at first glance, but mostly the affects on the ecosystem´s future are hardly to foresee. If strong poisons and insecticides are used, it is obvious that not only phasmids will fall from that treated tree… !