Dajaca napolovi "Tam Dao"  Brock, 2000
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)


  • collected by Joachim Bresseel (Belgien) and Jérôme Constant (RBINS) in the Tam Dao NP (Vietnam) in July 2011
  • die lentils-like eggs are dark brown, hairy, about 3.5 x 2.5 mm and they have a reddish border around the egg
  • incubation time (HH-method on damp sand) is about 6 months at 20 - 23 °C
  • nymphs are about 10 mm long, brown with annulated antennae
  • with their elongate body and their movement they look like silver fish
  • nymphs are quick
  • bramble (Rubus spp.) with oak-Coating was very well accepted by freshly hatched nymphs
  • by L3 nymphs did also accept bramble without oak-Coating
  • numerous males were adult after about 4 months (at 20 - 23°C). Unfortunately the only female nymph did in the subadult stage


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