Eurynecroscia tagesoidea (Redtenbacher, 1908)
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)


  • formerly known as Tagesoidea nigrofasciata
  • Hennemann & Conle (2013) put this species in the genus Eurynecroscia
  • from Tapah Hills, Peninsular Malaysia
  • only the Orang Asli on Tapah Hills know where to find them in the wild
  • eggs are similar to Necroscia eggs in shape, about 4 mm long, dark grey with a light gray area around the posterior egg pole
  • incubation time (HH-method on slightly damp sand) is about 5 - 6 months at 20 - 23 °
  • nymph are about 14 mm long, orange-brown body, black eyes, long and white-black antennae
  • no food plant offered in Switzerland has been accepted
  • their natural food plant seems to be Litsea robusta (info by Dr. Francis Seow-Choen, Singapore), which I could not try out ...


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