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NEWS - 16.01.2018

Spectacular find: First male ever of the parthenogenetic phasmid genus Acanthoxyla discovered in the United Kingdom!

Three species of New Zealand phasmids have become naturalised in the UK: the Prickly Stick-insect Acanthoxyla geisovii, the Unarmed Stick-insect Acanthoxyla inermis, and the Smooth Stick-insect Clitarchus hookeri. Males of the genus Acanthoxyla Uvarov, 1940 have never been recorded, not in New Zealand nor in the UK. The whole genus is considered to be of hybrid origin and contains diploid and triploid lineages. Males have been assumed not to exist and all populations are regarded as parthenogenetic, that is females lay viable eggs without the need for fertilisation by a male. Now the first ever male of this genus, a male Acanthoxyla inermis has been discovered in Cornwall, UK. The specimen is deposited in the Natural History Museum, London (NHMUK). The authors of this paper provide information on the genetic similarity between Acanthoxyla-specimens from New Zealand and the UK as well as a description and detailed illustration of this unique male specimen.

Brock, P. D., Lee, M, Morgan-Richards, M. & Trewick, S. A. (2018): Missing stickman found: The first male of the parthenogenetic New Zealand phasmid genus Acanthoxyla Uvarov, 1940 discovered in the United Kingdom. Atropos, 60: 16-23.

NEWS - 09.01.2018

A new species of Phyllium (Pulchriphyllium) described from Java

A new species of leaf insects, Phyllium (Pulchriphyllium) shurei n. sp. has just been described from Java, Indonesia. The new species is currently only known from a single male specimen and is the second representative of the subgenus Phyllium (Pulchriphyllium) and the third species of leaf insects so far known to occur on the island of Java. The paper provides a key to the males of all Javanese species of leaf insects.

Cumming, R. T & Le Tirant, S. (2018): Phyllium shurei n. sp., a third species of leaf insect from Java, Indonesia (Phasmida, Phylliidae). Faunitaxys, 6(1): 1-5.



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