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NEWS - 01.09.2018

A new Leaf Insect described from Micronesia

A new species of leaf insect from the celebicum species-group, Phyllium (Phyllium) yapicum new species (Phasmatodea: Phylliidae), is described from Yap Island, Micronesia based on a female specimen from the California Academy of Sciences collection (United States). This new species is the first recorded species of Phylliidae from Micronesia and represents a notable range expansion for the family. It is currently only known from a female holotype. A key to females is provided for the celebicum species-group.

Cumming, R. T. & Teemsma, S. N. (2018): A new species of Phyllium (Phyllium) Illiger (Phasmida: Phylliidae) from Yap Island, Micronesia, representing a range expansion for the family. Insecta Mundi, 0650: 1-9.