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NEWS - 17.5.2018

Six new species of the genus Phantasca described from French Guiana and Ecuador

A revision of the previously rarely known South American genus Phantasca Redtenbacher, 1906 (Diapheromerinae) has just been published. The genus is rediagnosed, redescribed and the precedingly unknown eggs are described for the first time. The genus Pterolibethra Gunther, 1904 is re-synonymised with Phantasca (syn. nov.) a consequently the two species originally contained, P. heteronemia Gunther, 1940 and P. poeciloptera Gunther, 1940, are transferred to Phantasca (comb. nov.). Three other species are transferred to Phantasca from other genera. Six new species are described: P. adiposa sp. nov., P. femorata sp. nov., P. guianensis sp. nov., P. nigrolineata sp. nov. and P. ruboligata sp. nov. from French Guiana and P. amabile sp. nov. from Ecuador. A key, detailed descriptions and illustrations are provided for all 13 species now contained in Phantasca.

Hennemann, F.H., Conle, O.V., Bellanger, Y., Lelong, P. & Jourdan, T. (2018): Studies on Neotropical Phasmatodea XVII: Revision of Phantasca Redtenbacher, 1906, with the descriptions of six new species (Phasmatodea: Diapheromeridae: Diapheromerinae). European Journal of Taxonomy, 435: 1-62.

NEWS - 7.5.2018

Several new species of the subfamily Necrosciinae described from Vietnam

The first paper described Oxyartes vietnamensis sp. nov., a new species of the genus Oxyartes from the Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve in the Gia Lai Province of Central Vietnam. It is the third species of the genus so far known from Vietnam and is described from the male and female. It is similar to O. spinipennis Carl, 1913 but easily distinguished by the oval alae and rounded, entire posterior margin of the anal region of the alae of both sexes. Type specimens are deposited in the Manchester Museum of the University of Manchester, U.K. and the Hong Kong Entomological Society, Hong Kong.

Ho, G. W. C. (2018): A new species of the genus Oxyartes Stal, 1875 from Vietnam (Phasmida: Diapheromeridae: Necrosciinae). Hong Kong Entomological Bulletin, 10(1): 1-6.

The second paper describes and illustrates one new genus, six new species and two new subspecies from Vietnam, namely Asceles hirsutus sp. nov., Asceles maculatus sp. nov., Lamachodes brocki sp. nov., Marmessoidea alata alata sp. nov. & subsp. nov., Marmessoidea alata elongata subsp. nov., Marmessoidea liuxingyuei sp. nov. and Neooxyartes zomproi gen. nov. & sp. nov.. Type specimens are deposited in CAU (Beijing, China), HKES (Hong Kong), IEBR (Hanoi, Vietnam), IZCAS (Beijing, China) and MMUE (Manchester, U.K.).

Ho, G. W. C. (2018): New taxa of Necrosciinae from Vietnam (Phasmatodea: Diapheromeridae). Zoological Systematics, 43(2): 178-189.

NEWS - 1.5.2018

A new leaf insect of the genus Phyllium (Phyllium) described from Peleng Island

A new species of leaf insect, Phyllium (Phyllium) letiranti n. sp. has been described from a series of males, females and eggs from Peleng island, Indonesia. This new species is the first record of the family Phylliidae from this island off the eastern coast of Sulawesi. Along with detailed descriptions and illustrations, keys to the males, females and eggs of the Phyllium-species of Sulawesi and Peleng are presented.

Cumming, R. T. & Teemsma, S. N. (2018): Phyllium (Phyllium) letiranti sp. nov. (Phasmida: Phylliidae) a new leaf insect from Peleng Island, Indonesia. Insecta Mundi, 0618: 1-16.

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