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NEWS - 1.5.2018

A new species of Parapodacanthus described from SE-Queensland

Studies on the rarely reported Australian genus Parapodacanthus Brock, 2003 have revealed a striking new species from Springbrook, Lamington Plateau and Cunningham's Gap in southeast Queensland. It is described and figured, including the egg, as Parapodacanthus ailaketoae sp. n. Keys are provided to compare it with the only other species in the genus, P. hasenpuschorum Brock, 2003 from north Queensland. Additional localities are recorded for the latter species.

Brock, P. D. & Monteith, G. B. (2018): A striking new species of Parapodacanthus Brock (Phasmida: Phasmatidae) from southeastern Queensland. Australian Entomologist, 45 (1): 17-26.

NEWS - 26.4.2018

Two new genera and species of the tribe Neohiraseini described from Vietnam

Two new interesting genera and species of the tribe Neohiraseini have just been described from Vietnam. Both are being cultured and one species in particular, formerly known as "ABC Nui Chua" is very well known and widespread amongst breeders in Europe. For this latter species the new genus Nuichua is described and the only known species and type-species of this new genus is dedicated to Mrs. Kristien Rabaey (Belgium), Nuichua rabaeyae n. gen. n. sp. from Nui Chua National Park. The second new genus Pterohirasea is described to accomodate P. nigrolineata n. gen. n. sp. from coastal mountains of Central Vietnam. Both genera appear to be closely related to each other and can be recognized amongst other members of Neohiraseini by a number of distinct features. In addition to descriptions and illustrations of the males, females and eggs of both new genera and species, comprehensive data on biology and captive breeding are provided.

Bresseel, J. & Constant, J. (2018): Two new stick insect genera from Vietnam, Nuichua gen. nov. and Pterohirasea gen. nov. with two new species (Phasmida: Diapheromeridae: Necrosciinae). Belgian Journal of Entomology, 70: 1-29.

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