Leiophasmatinae sp. "Ambre"
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)


  • Nicolas Cliquennois (Madagascar) and Sven Bradler (Germany) are working on taxonomical aspects of this new species
  • first successful culture in 2014 by Bruno Kneubuehler
    distributed in 2014 as Leiophasmatinae sp. "Ambre"
  • collected on Mt. D'Ambre in northern Madagascar in March 2013 by Nicolas Cliquennois and Sven Bradler
  • females
    body length about 10.5 cm
    greenish eyes
    reddish warts on the thorax
    2 reddish spines on the head
    red marking just above the foreleg joint
    long subgenital plate
  • males
    body length about 7.5 cm
    brown coloration
    grey head and prothorax
    black-green legs
    greenish eyes
    black markings on the thorax
    red marking just
    red marking just above the foreleg joint
  • nymphs
    about 15 mm
    quite colorful, which is typical for this subfamily
  • feed well on bramble (Rubus spp.)
  • should be kept in a humid environment
  • males are adult after about 3 months (at room temperatures), females after about 4 months
  • incubation time (HH-method on damp sand) is about 6 - 7 months


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