Lonchodini sp. "Cuc Phuong"
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)


  • under taxonomic examination by Joachim Bresseel (Belgium)
  • from Cuc Phuong NP in Vietnam
  • found by Joachim Bresseel (Belgium) and Jérôme Constant (Belgium) in July 2011
  • working name by Joachim Bresseel = "Carausius ? sp., No. 61, Cuc Phuong, Vietnam 2011"
  • but it does not belong to the genus Carausius (recent info by J. Bresseel)
  • 2013 - first successful culture by Bruno Kneubuehler
  • 2013 - distributed to other breederes as Lonchodini sp. "Cuc Phuong"
  • adult females about 13 - 14 cm, males about 8 - 9 cm
  • different brown shades
  • very peculiarly shaped eggs
  • feed very well on bramble (Rubus spp.)
  • incubation time (HH-Method) on slightly humid sand is about 7 - 9  months
  • a very slowly growing species, they mature after 10 - 12 months
  • adults and nymphs often hang just from their forelegs from leaves and twigs, giving them a great camouflage

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