Phanocles costaricensis "Niño"
(von Bruno Kneubühler)


  • described by O. Conle & F. Hennemann, 2002
  • Oskar Conle (Germany) and Frank Hennemann (Germany) found this culture stock in the Bosque del Niño (Costa Rica) in November 2012
  • 2013 - first successful culture by Bruno Kneubühler
  • 2013 - distributed to other breeders as Phanocles costaricensis "Niño"
  • body length females about 19 cm, males about 12 cm
  • very easy to breed
  • feed very well on bramble (Rubus spp.)
  • incubation time (HH-incubation on slightly damp sand) is about 4 months
  • adults need a rather big cage, at least 60 cm high


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