The following gallery shows well-known authors in Phasmatology, who have published one or more important papers or book on Phasmids since 1750. The authors shown below are mostly ones, who have brought credit to the taxonomy, systematics and phylogenetics of the Phasmatodea.

Amongst them are some of the most famous natural scientists and entomologist of their times. These include the famous Swedish scientist and founder of the binominal system Carl von LINNÉ (1707-1778), the Denish entomologist Johann Christian FABRICIUS (1745-1808), the British entomologist Dru DRURY (1725-1804), the British entomologist and many years president of the "Entomological Society of London" John Obadiah WESTWOOD (1805-1893), the British entomologist Henry Walter BATES (1825-1892), the British zoologist and founder of the peresent time systematics William Forsell KIRBY (1844-1912), the Swiss entomologist Carl BRUNNER v. WATTENWYL (1823-1914) or the American orthopterologist Morgan HEBARD (1887-1946).


The following gallery shows some of the most important breeders of stick and leaf-insects of our times. All of them are successfully breeding numerous different Phasmid species for several years already and have made great effort in spreading the cultures amongst other breeders and/or importing new cultures of various species. Other actively support the two well-known breeding communities  "Phasma" (Belgium/Netherlands) und the "Phasmid Study Group" (England).

The culturing of numerous Phasmid species provides great new opportunities for scientist working on the taxonomy and phylogeny of the Phasmatodea and has already helped in solving several previously unanswered questions and taxonomic problems.