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PSG No. scientific name
author, year
sub family,
origin rep. length male (mm) length female (mm) foodplants status culture -
111 Eurycantha insularis coriacea
Redtenbacher, 1908
Phasmatidae (s.l.),
Papua New GuineaS65-80105-125Bramble, Ivy, Oak, Rhododendron, RoseC

Eurycantha insularis coriacea

STOCK 1: Papua New Guinea, Oro Province, Popondetta "on Oil Palms Elaeis guineensis", eggs sent to Mel Herbert by R. Prior in 1990.
cage: medium: height 50-80 cm	Put soil / substrate on the cage-floor (e.g. sand, peat) because females bury their eggs	climate: Tropical climate (warm and humid)	Very high humidity / spray regularly