Phyllium giganteum "Tapah"
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)


General Informations

  • provenience: Tapah Hills (Peninsular Malaysia)
  • collected in early 2014 by Sharon Cheong
  • F1 CB culture by Bruno Kneubuehler (2014)
  • further taxonomical informations ➤
  • this is a pure culture, and serious breeders will not mix it with cultures of a different provenience
  • few males were present in the F1 generation


  • 10 - 11 cm
  • most females are green, few can also be yellow


  • 8 cm
  • green when freshly adult, but they turn yellow when getting older
  • males live for 2 - 3 months, when kept a bit more humid (80+% rH)

Food Plants

  • bramble (Rubus spp.)
    well accepted by nymphs and adults

Breeding, Behaviour

  • active mainly during the night
  • eggs just drop to the ground
  • about 7 eggs per female and week
  • incubation (HH-method on slightly damp sand) about 6 - 8 months at 20 - 23 °C
  • eggs of this species are very prone to get mouldy, and it is difficult to avoid this. Yet a thin mould layer does not affect the hatching ratio negatively
  • nymphs hatch after dawn, in the early morning hours
  • a humidity of about 60 - 70 % seems to be good enough for this species
  • the Free-Standing-Setup is very much recommened for small nymphs
  • this Phyllium species should be kept in an airy cage (ventilator) too and get a lot of light
  • one can spray them regularly with chlorine-free water, but the water should dry up again
  • easy to breed in my experience, but other breeders report a lot of problems with this species

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