Phyllium elegans "Nanga Nanga"

(by Bruno Kneubuehler)

more photos and a more detailed care sheet will follow later on....

  • provenience: Nanga Nanga village, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea
  • in the wild they feed on Mango leaves
  • in the local language they are called Pakpaku Dawai. Pakpaku means "grab tighly on to" and Dawai means "tree"
  • females are about 9 - 9.5 cm long
  • most females are green, a few are bright orange in color
  • a few males of this species are orange too, while most males are green
  • the peculiar eggs are round, about 4 mm in diameter
  • this species is as easy to breed as other Phyllium species, here you find my suggestions on how to successfully breeding Phyllium

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