On the following pages you will find a list of all genera and species that have been descibed by Oskar Conle & Frank Hennemann. By clicking on the corresponding names you can obtain more detailed information (literary sources, lists of type-material and pictures).

For further information on the taxonomy of Stick and Leaf Insects we recommend visiting the Phasmida Species File (PSF), the  largest and most comprehensive databse of the world's Phasmatodea , which is hosted by our colleague Paul D. Brock (Natural History Museum, London) in collaboration with Daniel Otte, Ed Baker and Thies Büscher and is supported by the "Orthopterist's Society". We are also involved in the regular updates and frequently contribute information and photos.

This hughe databse provides full taxonomic information on all described categories (families, subfamilies, genera and species) as well as synonymic listings, lists type-material, citations and data on the distribtions of all c. 3100 valid species.