Trachythorax sexpunctatus
(by Bruno Kneubuehler)

FamilxDiapheromeridae Kirby, 1904
SubfamilyNecrosciinaeBrunner v. Wattenwil, 1893
TribeNecrosciiniBrunner v. Wattenwil, 1893
GenusTrachythoraxRedtenbacher, 1908
SpeciesT. sexpunctatus(Shiraki, 1911)


General Notes

  • Shiraki (1911) described this species first as Necroscia sexpunctatus
  • synonyms: T. sexpunctata (Otte & Brock, 2005), T. sixpunctatus (Y. Huang, 2002)
  • 2010 - eggs were imported from Taiwan
  • 2010 - only two adult males could be raised (Bruno Kneubuehler) - thus this species is (to my knowledge) not in culture at the moment



  • eggs were collected from wild-caught females, which were found by Yamai Huang (Taiwan)



  • about 6.5 cm long
  • mainly brown - with red and black markings
  • antennae are longer than the fore legs
  • winged and they fly well


Nymphs (L1)

  • yellow
  • hairy


Food Plants

  • only two nymphs accepted Salal (Gaultheria shallon) and grew up very well on this plant



  • males will be adult after about 3.5 months (at 20 - 23°C)
  • males try to escape flying
  • but a rather calm species


Breeding Notes

  • it seems that this species is not so easy to be cultured, mainly I failed due to a limited choice of food plants (in winter)
  • hatching ratio was high (50+ %)
  • keep the nymphs in a cage with good ventilation
  • take care that the humidity does not drop too low
  • a constantly wet paper towel on the floor of the cage helps raising humidity
  • nymphs and adults can be kept in a Faunabox (or similar cages)
  • move nymphs to a bigger cage as they grow bigger
  • I have never sprayed nymphs or adults with water
  • make shure that nymphs, which are about to undergo their adult moult, do not find places in the cage which would not offer them enough space beneath to moult successfully



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