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New pictures of the following 19 species in the photo gallery:

Clonaria sp. (Congo, Bukima), Dajaca napolovi (Vietnam, Ba Vi), Eurycantha insularis, Interphasma sp. (Vietnam, Copia N.R.), Lobofemora bidoupensis, Lonchodes sp. (Vietnam, Ba Be), Lonchodes sp. (Philippines, Imugan Falls), Lopaphus sp. (Vietnam, Copia N.R.), Marmessoidea sp. (Vietnam, Cat Tien), Medauroidea sp.1 (Vietnam, Ngo Luong), Mnesilochus portentosus, Neohirasea sp. 'spinose mesonotum' (Vietnam, Ngo Luong), Oxyartes sp. (Thailand, Rayong), Parapachymorpha sp.1 (Vietnam, Copia N.R.), Phantasca quadrilobata, Phantasca sp. (French Guiana, Route de Kaw), Phenacephorus latifemur, Pylaemenes sp. (Taiwan) and unident. Necrosciinae (Vietnam, Me Linh).


New pictures in the photo gallery of the following six species:

Anchiale austrotessulata, Didymuria violescens, Haaniella gintingi, Haaniella gorochovi, Haaniella muelleri and Oxyartes sp. 'Chiang Mai'.

Thanks to Jeremy Holden for pictures of the rare Haaniella muelleri taken at Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra!