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NEWS - 10.12.2017

Several new stick insects described from China and Vietnam

Two papers on the Phasmatodea from the Indochinese Subregion have been published in the "Journal of Orthoptera Research", together describing a new subgenus, nine new species and three new subspecies.

The first paper provides a taxonomicstudy of the genus Parasinophasma Chen & He, 2008. The genus is for the first time recorded from Hong Kong, China and Vietnam and describes six new species and two new subspecies: P. bresseeli n. sp., P. constanti n. sp., P. laifanae n. sp., P. liui n. sp., P. luchunense luchunense n. sp. et n. ssp., P. luchunense xingyuei n. ssp., and P. sparsigranulatum n. sp.. Parasinophasma bouvieri (Redtenbacher, 1908) is transferred from the genus Orthonecroscia Kirby, 1904 (n. comb.). A checklist and a key to the species now contained in Parasinophasma are given.

The second paper provides a taxonomic review of Paragongylopus Chen & He, 1997, a genus of small stick insects that are characteristic for the morphology of their antennae. These have only three segments and frequently distinguish the genus from all other members of the subfamily Pachymorphinae. The new taxa described therein are: Paragongylopus (Paragongylopus) sinensis pingbianensis n. subsp., P. (Planoparagongylopus) lii n. sp., P. (Planoparagongylopus) abramovi n. sp. and P. (Planoparagongylopus) nabanheensis n. sp.. Furthermore, >i>Parangomgylopus>/i> is for the first time recognized in Vietnam and keys to the species of both subgenera are provided.

Ho, J. C. W. (2017): Contribution to the knowledge of Oriental Phasmatoodea I: A taxonomic study of the genus Parasinophasma (Phasmatodea: Necrosciinae). Journal of Orthoptera Research, 26(2): 181-204.

Ho, J. C. W. (2017): Contribution to the knowledge of Oriental Phasmatoodea II: A taxonomic study of the genus Paragongylopus (Phasmatodea: Pachymorphinae: Gratidiini). Journal of Orthoptera Research, 26(2): 195-203.

NEWS - 14.11.2017

New pictures of the following 19 species in the photo gallery:

Clonaria sp. (Congo, Bukima), Dajaca napolovi (Vietnam, Ba Vi), Eurycantha insularis, Interphasma sp. (Vietnam, Copia N.R.), Lobofemora bidoupensis, Lonchodes sp. (Vietnam, Ba Be), Lonchodes sp. (Philippines, Imugan Falls), Lopaphus sp. (Vietnam, Copia N.R.), Marmessoidea sp. (Vietnam, Cat Tien), Medauroidea sp.1 (Vietnam, Ngo Luong), Mnesilochus portentosus, Neohirasea sp. 'spinose mesonotum' (Vietnam, Ngo Luong), Oxyartes sp. (Thailand, Rayong), Parapachymorpha sp.1 (Vietnam, Copia N.R.), Phantasca quadrilobata, Phantasca sp. (French Guiana, Route de Kaw), Phenacephorus latifemur, Pylaemenes sp. (Taiwan) and unident. Necrosciinae (Vietnam, Me Linh).