Books about Phasmids

The following is a selection of in-print books about Phasmids. There is a large number of books about Phasmids, many of which deal with the captive breeding and rearing of these insects. There are furthermore several basic children's books mainly from US publishers, and many general books about the breeding of insects include chapters on Phasmids.


colombia CONLE, O.V., HENNEMANN, F.H. & GUTIERRÉZ, Y. (2011). The Stick Insects of Colombia. A catalogue and bibliography with the descriptions of four new genera and 74 new species.

Books on Demand, 1. Edition. 412 pp., Many colour plates. ISBN-13: 978-3839181256 [Hardback, 270 mm x 190 mm]. In English.

borneo BRAGG, P. E. (2001). Phasmids of Borneo.

Natural History Publications (Borneo) Kota Kinabalu. 772 pp., 5 colour plates, 238 text figures. ISBN 9838120278 [Hardback, 253 mm x 180 mm]. In English.

australia BROCK, P. D. & HASENPUSCH, J. (2009). The Complete Field Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of Australia.

CSIRO Publishing. 204 pp. with numerous colour illustrations. ISBN 9780643094184 [Paperback, A5]. In English.

Bradler BRADLER, S. (2009). Die Phylogenie der Stab- und Gespenstschrecken (Insecta: Phasmatodea).

Species, Phylogeny and Evolution, 2(1): 1-139. ISBN 978-3-940344-61-8 [Paperback, A4]. (In German with English summary). In German.

singapore SEOW-CHOEN, F. (1997). A Guide to the Stick & Leaf Insects of Singapore.

Singapore Science Centre, Singapore. 161 pp., many pretty colour photographs. ISBN 98 1-00-8628-8 [Softback, 150 mm x 100 mm]. In English.

singapore2 SEOW-CHOEN, F. (2017). A Taxonomic Guide to the Stick Insects of Singapore.

Natural History Publications Borneo. ISBN-13: 9789838121828. 165 pages, 600 colour photos and b/w line drawings. In English.

borneo1 SEOW-CHOEN, F. (2016). A Taxonomic Guide to the Stick Insects of Borneo.

Natural History Publications Borneo. ISBN-13: 9789838121699. 454 pages, 1103 colour photos and b/w line drawings. In English.

borneo2 SEOW-CHOEN, F. (2017). A Taxonomic Guide to the Stick Insects of Borneo, Volume 2.

Natural History Publications Borneo. ISBN-13: 9789838121774. 261 pages, colour photos. In English.

borneo2 BROCK, P. D. (1999). Stick and Leaf Insects of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

Malaysian Nature Society. ISBN: 9839681168. 222 pages, 18 plates with 57 colour & b/w photos; 112 b/w line drawings. In English.

malaysia SEOW-CHOEN, F. (2000). An Illustrated Guide to the Stick and Leaf Insects of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

Natural History Publications Borneo. ISBN: 9838120294. 173 pages, 127 plates with b/w line drawings, 1 b/w map. In English.

zompro ZOMPRO, O. (2004). Revision of the Genera of the Areolatae, Including the Status of Timema and Agathemera (Insecta, Phasmatodea). In English.

Verlag Goecke & Evers. ISBN: 3931374394. 327 pages, 161 b/w figs.

new zealand SALMON, J. T. (1991). The Stick Insects of New Zealand.

Reed Books, Auckland. 124 pp., many illustrations including attractive water-colour paintigs of each species. ISBN 0-7900-0211-6 [Hardback, 241 mm x 183 mm]. In English.

europe BROCK, P. D. (1991). Stick Insects of Britain, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Fitzgerald Publishing. 50 pp. with numerous text-figures & one colour plate. ISBN 0951093983 [Hardback, spiral bound]. In English.

World of Stick and Leaf-Insects BROCK, P. D. (1999). The Amazing World of Stick and Leaf-Insects.

AES Publishing, Vol. 26, 182 pp., 40 colour plates, numerous text-figures. ISBN 0-900054-63-8 [Hardback A5]. In English.

china CHEN, S. & HE, Y. (2008). Phasmatodea of China.

China Forestry Publishing House. 476 pp., 12 plates, 330 text figures. ISBN 978-7-5083-5088-2 [Hardback, 258 mm x 180 mm]. In Chinese with 84 pages of English summary (pp. 375-459).

usa ARMENT, C. (2006). Stick Insects of the Continental United States and Canada. Species and Early Studies.

Coachwhip Publications Landsville, Pennsylvania. 202 pp., numerous text-figures (mainly a compilation of historic publications). ISBN 1-930585-23-3 [Softback, 235 mm x 190 mm]. In English.

japan OKADA, M. (1999): Nanafushi-No-Subete [All About Japanese Stick-Insects].

Tonbo-Shuppan Publishing, Osaka. 56 pp., numerous black/white and colour photographs. ISBN 4-88716-114-X [Card cover, 257 mm x 182 mm]. In Japanese.

SEOW-CHOEN, F. (2005): A pocket guide: Phasmids of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

Natural History Publications (Borneo), Kota Kinabalu. 120 pp., photographic guide, foodplant list. ISBN 983-812-109-6 [Paperback]

SEILER, C. & BRADLER, S. (2007): Phasmiden zu Hause.

Bede, Ruhmannsfelden. 64 pp., numerous colour photos. ISBN 3898601420 [Hardback, 198 mm x 164 mm]. In German

BAUDUIN, C. & A. (2000): L'Élevage des Phasmes.

Philippe Gérard Editions, Paris. 82 pp., many colour photos. ISBN 2-912521-21-1 [Paperback, 210 mm x 150 mm]. In French

BROCK, P. D. (2003): Rearing and Studying Stick and Leaf-Insects.

AES Publications. 80+ pp., 29 figures, 8 colour and 14 black/white plates. ISBN 0-900054-68-9 [paperback, A5]

BROCK, P. D. (2000): A Complete Guide to Breeding Stick and Leaf-Insects.

TFH Kingdom, Havant. 64 pp., numerous colour photographs. ISBN 1-85279-124-1 [Hardback, A5]

GRÖßER, D. (2008): Wandelnde Blätter. Ein Katalog aller bisher beschriebenen Phylliinae-Arten.

Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt a. M. 175 pp., 212 figures including many colour photographs.

Ho W.C.G. 2013. Stick Insects of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Entomological Society, Hong Kong. Insect Fauna of Hong Kong Fascicle 2. Price Hong Kong $88.00 (ISBN 978-988-177797-0-0). Taxonomic guide in Chinese, includes addition of new species to the fauna. Species (adults only, not eggs) are well illustrated, with a list of foodplants. Brief introductory section. 184 pages, paperback.

MARKLE, S. (2008): Stick Insects: masters of defense.

Lerner Publications, Minneapolis. 48 pp., a colourful children's guide. [Hardback]

SEILER, C., BRADLER, S. & KOCH, R. (2000): Phasmiden. Pflege und Zucht von Gespenstschrecken, Stabschrecken und Wandelnden Blättern im Terrarium.

Bede Ratgeber, Ruhmannsfelden. 143 pp., numerous colour photos, good coverage of eggs also (exceptionally from thecollection of Frank Hennemann!). ISBN 3-933646-89-8 [Hardback, A4]. In German

TREWICK, S. & MORGAN-RICHARDS, M. (2005): New Zealand Wild: Stick Insects.

Reed Books, Auckland. 32 pp., many colour illustrations. ISBN 186948570X [paperback]