Websites about Phasmids

Some interesting blogs and sites about phasmid breeding

Le Monde des Phasmes French site from Bruno Biron with many care sheets.
PhasmaPhils English blog from Thierry Heitzmann, dedicated to the Philippines Phasmids he breed and his collecting trips.
Phasmiduniverse The largest Spanish site about phasmids, from Pablo Valero. With forum. (Note: it will probably be merged with in a future.)
Strasilky Large Czech website of Jaromír Zajíček with nice photos.
Clonopsis An interesting blog about phasmids breeding in Spanish, from Álvaro Pérez.
Wandelende Takken very informative site on phasmids in dutch by Mieke Duytschaever



Associations and groups

Phasmid Study Group International community passionate about keeping, rearing and studying phasmids.
Phasma Phasma is a Dutch - Belgian group of phasmids enthusiasts.




Phasmida Species File The Phasmida Species File (PSF) is a taxonomic database of the world's Phasmida.
Association pour la Systématique des Phasmes et l'Etude de leur Répartition Publications of the ASPER Team.
Guide of the Stick and Leaf insects of New Guinea Website of Heinz van Herwaarden on the phasmatodea of New Guinea.