Microrestes - a new genus of tiny Dataminae described from Vietnam

The genus Microrestes gen. nov. is erected to accommodate the new species Microrestes robustus sp. nov. from North Vietnam. Pylaemenes trapezius Ho, 2016 from southern China is transferred to Microrestes and the new combination M. trapezius (Ho, 2016) comb. nov. is proposed. A third species of Microrestes is recorded from northern Thailand based on photographs.
The genus is compared with the other genera of Dataminae. Microrestes robustus sp. nov., the type species, is described and figured from both sexes and the egg. The genus is recorded from Vietnam, China and Thailand. A key and distribution map are provided for its species. A standardized nomenclature of the cephalic armature for Microrestes gen. nov. is proposed.



Bresseel, J. & Constant, J. (2020): Microrestes gen. nov., a new genus in the Oriental stick insect tribe Datamini Rehn & Rehn, 1939 with a new species and a new combination (Phasmida: Heteropterygidae: Dataminae).- Belgian Journal of Entomology, 106: 1-19.